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Why Vandex?

Vandex supports and assists Architects and Designers world wide for their individual standard or complex requests since 1946.

Due to the long term experience and our different active business fields, Vandex has gained high competence in concrete waterproofing, protection and repair.

Vandex still develops new modern cost-effective and reliable solution as Vandex did with the crystalline waterproofing technology in the past.

Please contact us for further information, training course programs or for any project consultation.

Products and Distribution

The majority of Vandex's products are produced at the group's ultra-modern plant in northern Germany conveniently located near major seaports from where the products are distributed to the individual markets. Vandex and its partner companies maintain delivery centres and adequate stock throughout the world and are able to respond to customer needs at short notice.

The production plant is equipped with the most up-to-date powder blending technology. All processes from dosing to palletising are fully automated and computerised process technology ensures optimum product uniformity.

The cementitious products are supplied in convenient PE-lined paper bags which like all Vandex products are palletised and protected with shrink foil to give the product maximum protection during transportation and storage. The normal mode of delivery to the final destination is by truck or 20 foot (sea) container.

Supervision at the Site

In case of complicated and challenging application jobs, Vandex offers supervision at the local construction site world wide in coordination with our local distributor.

Please contact our local Vandex distributor for further information.

Training Courses

Vandex organises theoretical and practical product training courses in coordination with our local Vandex distributors on a regular basis. 

Please contact our local Vandex distributor for further information.

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